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Club Information

Club Charter

The Charter of The Wimbledon Club (TWC), the Club’s governing document, prescribes how the Club operates.  The complete text can be found here:


Wimbledon Club Charter and Bye-laws




TWC is an unincorporated multisport members club registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC).  The property of the Club is held in Trust.  A General Committee provides the strategic direction of the Club.  Separate elected committees have devolved responsibility to run each sport.

Key objectives:

  • To encourage Members to play Cricket, Hockey, Tennis and Squash, and to offer other social and recreational activities, including a Gymnasium.

  • To provide facilities at Church Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 5AG and elsewhere, as necessary.




Anyone, without discrimination, can apply to join as a playing Member of a Sports Section or as a non-playing Friend.  All fully paid-up Members over the age of 18 are entitled to vote at Club meetings.





The General Committee is elected at an Annual General Meeting for a three-year term and consists of an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer, two members nominated by each of the four Sports Sections and up to two members elected by the Members of the Club.  The Committee appoints a Chair from its members.

Its responsibilities include:

  • Preparing a rolling five-year strategic plan and an annual budget which, over a rolling three-year period, aims to balance the Club’s income and operating expenditure

  • Determining the proportion of central costs payable by each Sports Section and the Gymnasium

  • Managing all common facilities, and recruiting and managing the Club’s central staff




Each Sports Section elects a Committee whose responsibilities include:

  • Defining the terms of membership and approving applications for membership

  • Setting the rules and procedures for the practice of its sport

  • Preparing, adopting and implementing a rolling five-year strategic plan for the development of its sport

  • Setting an annual sport’s budget which over a rolling three-year period aims to balance income and operating expenditure

  • Setting and collecting subscriptions and fees, and making an appropriate contribution to the central costs of the Club

  • Recruiting and managing the Section’s staff


Each Sports Committee sets its own subscription and entrance fees.  The General Committee determines the charges for use of the Gymnasium.  Absentee members may be granted the right to pay a reduced fee.

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