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Membership is for adult and junior categories and for one or more of the sports offered - cricket, hockey, tennis and squash as well as the gym. Subs are annual and are collected once a year. Discounts are given for joining more than one sport.

Membership 2021/22

Cricket - due 1 April

Hockey - due 1 October

Junior hockey applies to under 7 to under 16

Tennis - due 1 October

*Student tennis entry fee, payable in two instalments, £200 when join, £300 when moved to Under 30.

Squash - due 1 October

Gym - due 1 October

Friend of the club - due 1 October

*Friend of the club attracts VAT, whereas all other fees quoted above for sports do not attract VAT.

Discounts and other charges

A £90 club fee is included in the annual fee rates quoted above for adult sports and gym activities. It covers central costs. The fee is payable only on the first such activity joined. Any subsequent ones joined, therefore, attract a £90 discount on the adult annual fees quoted above. 

An annual bar levy is to be paid by each member, in addition to the rates charged above. It is £50 for over 30s and £25 for under 30s. Payment is mandatory. 

For individual sports membership pages please click a button below.

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